Home Learning Program


Resources to support learning at home

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All enrolments receive FREE access to our weekly downloadable Letterland® activities to support your child’s learning at home.


Our Letterland® activities will give you the opportunity to reinforce and extend the skills your child has learned in class.


Our FREE Home Learning Program is available for

Letters and Numbers, Ready to Read Plus and Reading Rockets Plus Maths classes.


 Develop Practise Extend

Enrolled families will have access to activities that support your child in:

- Recalling the Letterland® character, letter shape and sound

- Applying their knowledge of the focus sound in context

- Recognising sounds in words

- Developing their blending (saying the individual sounds together) and   

   segmenting (separating individual sounds) skills (RTR+ and RR+ Maths  


- Practising their handwriting skills

- Identifying, sequencing and wiritng numbers from 0 to 20, simple addition and subtraction experiences (RR+ Maths only)

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